MQA Streaming with TIDAL Masters

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MQA Streaming with TIDAL

At CES 2017, TIDAL announced a new feature for TIDAL HiFi subscribers called “TIDAL Masters” which offers MQA streaming with Tidal. Current HiFi members will have access to thousands of master-quality albums for superior sound exactly as the artists intended. 

The TIDAL and MQA partnership plans to deliver an authenticated and unbroken version, typically 96 kHz / 24 bit, with the highest possible resolution. This will be available through the TIDAL desktop application and available on mobile and web applications in the future. 

Aurender Music Players & Streaming

Currently, Aurender A10 Music Server, Player & DACAurender Music Servers and Players fully support the TIDAL streaming service. We recommend the Aurender A10 Music Server, Player & DAC as a high performance digital-to-analog converter with 4TB of internal hard disk drive space and one 120GB solid-state drive cache for playback. Now, all TIDAL Masters streaming can deliver MQA quality sound from your Aurender device. 

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) 

MQA, or Master Quality Authenticated, continues to partner with new companies and products to deliver the best audio resolution to stream or download. MQA removes the timing distortions and allows the listener to hear what happened in the recording studio.


MyTek Brooklyn DAC Headphone Amp PreamplifierMyTek’s Brooklyn DAC is one of the first DACs to incorporate MQA as a reference USB2 DAC, line and phono analog preamplifier, and a reference headphone amplifier. Brooklyn also includes the MyTek Femtoclock Generator ™ to maintain timing and accuracy for a smooth & rich sound. 


“The Brooklyn DAC has been redesigned from the ground up. It offers superior sound, it’s ready for upcoming hi-res MQA streaming (up to 384k), it plays all digital formats including DSD256, offers balanced headphone amp and both line and phono quality analog stages.” 

– Michal Jurewicz, E. E. Founder and President of Mytek Digital


Cookie Marenco, Founder and Producer at Blue Coast Records, reminds us… “DSD is a recording format. MQA is not. Those devoted to DSD recording are probably not soon going to give that up. DSD recording was available long before the downloads were available to consumers.”

This highlights an important difference between these audio formats. DSD recording occurs during production as Producers like Cookie Marenco establish in order to deliver DSD256 files from the DSD256 master. It makes sense for Blue Coast Records to continue DSD recording since they have tailored their recording studio with the appropriate gear to support these formats and their Extended Sound Environment recording technique. 

Indeed, MQA brings a lot of excitement to the Audiophile world. This new technology effectively converts analogue music to digital and back to analogue delivering master quality audio in files small enough to stream and download.  We can hardly wait for more! 

We look forward to your questions on the blog below.  Let us know if you need help answering a question about MQA streaming with Tidal.

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  1. The past 2 years, one hears lots of negative comments regarding MQA. More often than not, it seems the typical profile of skeptics and protesters consist of individuals who’ve invested substantial amounts of time and money into hi-res recordings and hi-end equipment to play the same. Historically, this group (a certain strain of ‘audiophile’) has anchored their identity, pride, and sense of self-worth into audio appreciation. It stands to reason that the intersection of convenience and sound quality (MQA), and its promise of better music listening, “on the cheap, sort of speak, would be seen as a threat to their years of sweat and investment. From all those who have heard and are enjoying MQA, we extend a heart-felt “Sorry, we understand your pain…” to you.

  2. Yes I have reviewed most of the Popular Audiophile blogs, before making my purchase of a Bluesound Node DAC, and a Tidal HiFi subscription. The other popular options are the Meridian Explorer, and for the real hobbyists, a Raspberry Pi, home constructed device. I had not been streaming music, because of the poor quality of Bluetooth streaming to a Apple TV. I have seen a lot of negative comments on many blogs, most with the Axe to grind that you have mentioned. Most have not even listened to the format, and make negative Audio phobic comments. Most of the people who I have talked to who have listened to it are impressed. HiFi music streams in a smaller streamable packet. Most of the music is from older analogue catalogues, and the sound is a good as I have ever heard it. The new true HiRes music sound great with MQA, maybe not as good as the super HiRez that some have invested in but good enough for us Audiophiles who want the convenience of streaming music. Tidal allows you to download music to your phone, with their app, for off line listening and it still sounds great, even on non MQA bluetooth devices. There are ~ 10,000 tracks available, most are older re-mastered music, but more to come as content holders sign on.

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