Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB Cable – WINS Positive Feedback Writer’s Choice Award 2012!!

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Positive Feedback, Writer’s Choice Award Winner 2012

The Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB cable utilizes our single crystal UPOCC copper construction to provide you with the best possible digital bus transmission.

Standard USB cables are not up to the task of large bit rate information.

We have optimized this cable for audio transmision of large High Rez files.

USB cables can make big a difference and the Blue Dragon is one heck of a bang for the buck cable.  This cable can optimize the sound on your Hi Rez files and is for use with any portable usb dac including: the IQube V2, iQube V3, Fostex HP-P1 and many more…

“By Far the Best Value in USB Cables…

The Blue Dragon remains extraordinarily musical and does not suffer from harsh treble.”
-Andy Schaub, Issue 64
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  1. MoonAudio said to JustAskDrew for what hifi setup best suits me.

    Didn’t know where to ask, so hopefully this lands in someones lap appropriately.

    I’ve purchased the HE-400’s, running Modi/Magni but need more than 10′ of cable length to reach my couch from the setup.

    Musical preferences are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cream, Otis Spann, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Son House, Miles Davis, John Coltrane.

    Also, I will be using them to listen to movies at night.

    Therefore, I either need a 5′ extension (as the HE-400s come with a 10′ cable already) or a completely new 15′ cable. I’m not sure the pros and cons of the different styles of cable or the pros/cons of extensions versus completely new (assuming there is a cost versus benefit ratio).

    Thanks mate.

    1. The best connection is no connection. So the less connectors you can put in the path of the signal the better. So our first choice would be to go with a 15ft cable. For the HifiMan HE-400 headphone I would choose the Blue Dragon V3 Headphone cable. Info Here

      If you want to go the extension cable direction, then the Blue Dragon is also the best choice. As it is the most neutral of our cables and when using 2 different cables it is best to choose a neutral cable. The Blue Dragon Extension Cale can be found Here

  2. Hello Drew,

    I have a Cowon J3 mp3 player that has fantastic sound as i am sure you know. I have in conjuction with it the Pico DAC/Amp that works nicely with the Cowon J3. However, i am kind of new to all of the DAC stuff. I insist on the getting the clearest and most virgin original sound that came from the studio recording. To my delight, the DAC usb connector works splendidly on the computer for Youtube etc but two things are not happening for me with my combination. Oh, by the way i have Ultrosone Edition 8 headpohones so lots of money spent here on what i have…$1000 headphones, $500 Cowon J3 and $500 Pico Amp/DAC. What is not to my delight is that the upfront input on the Pico does not utitlize the DAC feature that the backend usb does for the computer. I want to have songs on the Cowon J3 that implement this DAC capability so that i have nice filtered digital to analogue sound for my Ultrasone headphones. Secondly, i am not really being able to tell ANY different between my original MP3 files on the Cowon (or the pc) when i convert them to flac, ape, ogg etc…and i have an ear for details…they just simply all sound the same after the conversion using the JetAudio program that comes with the the Cowon J3.

    Can you please shed some light on why i am not noticing any difference in mp3, flac, ogg, ape etc on the Cowon (through the input upfront) OR the computer with the Cowon usb…one would think for sure that would at least do something. Secondly, could you please shed some light as to how i can get DAC to work through the input male to male jack on the front of the Cowon. Do you have (or can you make) an input male to male jack that is of more qaulity that can do something for me on these issures? I do thank you in advance for your time, Drew, and would be open to any products that you feels might suit my needs even if it means unloading my Cowon J3 and Pico. I like the idea of portable and can size up a bit (i use a fanny pack when walking). Thank you, Drew, and have a nice weekend.

    Jim Puzycki
    [email protected]

    1. The first issue is the Cowon J3 does not have a digital output. So you can not output digital to an outboard DAC or DAC/Amp such as the Pico. So if you want to take it to the next performance level you will either have to go with an iPod/iTouch scenario along with maybe a Fostex HP-P1. Or team up an iPod/iTouch with Cypher Labs Solo DAC and then a seperate Portable amp for the ultimate stack up. Or you can get an all in one solution such as the ColorFly C4

      Otherwise you are going to have to continue to output an analog output from the headphone jack on the Cowon.

      As far as the comments of MP-3’s sounding like Flac etc etc. You can not take an MP3 and convert it up to a higher resolution format. You can only take a Higher Resolution for mat and compress it to a MP3 or similiar. In order to improve your audio files, always buy the CD and rip to different formats or buy High Rez files from places like I dont buy MP3’s from iTunes for example for just that reason. I buy CDs, rip them to Wav and put the CD in storage for back up reasons.

      Hope this helps:)

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