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Moon Audio finally has a BLOG!

Yippee, we are on board and are making attempts to be current and on board with our loyal customers, followers, groupies, rock stars and friends alike!

Welcome, welcome, welcome…and thank you for reading this!

We are going to try and unleash some of our “why” for doing things over here in the audiophile marketplace, create some question and answer scenarios for audiophiles alike and listen to all of your wonderful feedback we hope you take the time to send!  Moon Audio hopes this feedback leads to a better understanding of what Drew Baird, P.E. President/Owner does here at Moon Audio, why we develop the products we develop and the thought process and/or market research we use to develop them.  Drew also plans on illustrating and explaining how and why audiophiles and music lovers alike can use them in everyday life.

We like to say here at Moon Audio…Hear the Difference…and we hope that once you listen to our Silver Dragon Custom IEM Upgrade Cable, Silver Dragon, Black Dragon or Blue Dragon Headphone Cables you will not be asking “why” again and only how long is it before you can ship one to me?? 🙂

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  1. Congratulations. I will look forward learning how this blog works. See you guys soon. Again … the blog looks great.


    PS: Now what do I do??????

  2. Howdy,

    Question: I use a King Rex 12v linear power supply for my Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 4. Nice improvement over the wall-wart supply it came with. Is there something similar that can be used for a laptop computer? That is, linear supply, 19.5v, with the proper connector, that would be an improvement over the cheapo stock ps?

    1. We could most likely do a special version for a laptop. Moon Audio does not have an off the shelf option, currently. Please send us the model number of your stock power supply so we can get the specs for it and we will be thrilled to help if we can.

      1. Hi,
        The laptop is a Dell Latitude E5530. I chose it because the Latitude series is available with PC Express card slot, which is a great way to add eSata ports for external drives. If you navigate the Dell website for the ps for this computer, you end up here, although it’s not the same supply I have. I’m sure the basic specs are the same and are pretty universal:

        Basic specs:
        Input: 100-240V ~1.6A, 50-60 Hz
        Output: 19.5v ~3.34A

        The output connector is a new one to me, although I haven’t bought a laptop in a few years. It is a variation on the standard DC pin connector, but a unique size, and the center pin buried halfway down the barrel.

        I can’t be the only person interested in a higher quality power supply for a laptop. For those of us using them as servers, it seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve not found anything. I’ll be interested to see what you suggest.

          1. Based on the computers specs, the power demand is 90 watts and is a switching power supply. The PSU MKii is a linear power supply and thus requires a power of around double or 180 watts to prevent overheating. The KingRex power supply can not be configured that high, thus wont work. I am going to talk to Cary Audio which also has an external power supply option that might work. Will post shortly on whether that will work.

          2. Nichole,

            Just a note – the power supply that came with the computer is a 65 watt unit that seems to be powering the computer just fine. I suspect the higher power requirement is needed for powering bus-powered USB devices, which I’m not doing. However, I suppose a replacement supply should be robust enough to do so.

    2. Jim-

      Thank you for your email. We have requested the information to be solved by Cary Audio and we are waiting to hear back from them. We will email you privately as soon as we hear from them. Best, Nichole Baird

  3. Hello Moon Audio,

    I was looking into getting some new phones (I am an amateur at this high end audio stuff). 🙁 I am a guitarist that plays rock and blues. I was wondering what headphone and, if money allows, upgrade cable would compliment my musical tastes. I would like it to be used out of the headphone jack in my half stack head, in my recording setup, and in everyday listening. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

    1. Grado headphones have long been known as one of the greatest Rock And Roll headphones. So I would suggest them unless you plan to use the phones to monitor yourself while playing the Guitar. As they are an open back headphone. If you Amp mutes the speaker when you jack into it, or you are not using an guitar amp but instead using a monitor rig, then the Grado will be perfect. In that case where you will need a closed back headphone to isolate out the background I would go with the Beyerdynamic Pro DT770.

      1. Awesome. Thank you. I will look at the Grado headphones and make a choice from there. The amp does mute the speakers when headphone cable is plug into the amp, so they sound perfect. Thanks again.

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