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Hack Your Headphones

We appreciate Moon Audio Ambassador Marty Smith calling our Hack Your Headphones idea “brilliant DIY marketing” on Curagami.com.

Silver Dragon Premium cable for Audeze headphones v3
Silver Dragon cable for Audeze headphones v3 a “Branded Hack” Ready To Buy – 1 of 3 ways to hack your headphones

Since we build Silver, Black and Blue Dragon audio cables by hand it is easy to offer 3 ways for customers to “hack their headphones”: 

3 Ways To Hack Your Headphones image


  • Ready To Buy
    We make cables for leading headphone brands such as Audeze, Sennheiser and Shure. We also make audio cables for Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) and headphone amps
    Audeze + Silver Dragon picture via Moon-Audio.com
    Audeze LCD-3 + Moon Audio Silver Dragon cables

    Audeze LCD-3 + Moon Audio Silver Dragon cables


  • Plug & Play
    Some headphones and earphones such as Shure SE846 make it easy to replace factory cable with a dragon. Moon Audio makes cables such as our Shure Silver Dragon V1 for customers who like to Do-It-Themselves. 
    Moon-Audio.com silver dragon cable for shure picture
    Silver Dragon for Shure earphones picture HiFi Plus


  • We Hack ’em
    Our founder Drew Baird and our team of cable builders can hack just about any set of cans (headphones) to make them sound better. If you have an older pair of headphones you love, but want better sound mail them to us and we will take a look and let you know what we suggestion based on your musical preferences and other equipment. 

    We don’t start hack work until you approve. Turnaround can take a week or more depending on our workload & orders.  If you want your cans to sound better and don’t like messing with wires mail them to:

    Hack Your Headphones
    c/o Moon Audio
    106 Brady Court
    Cary, NC 27511 

    Be sure to mail your cans with TRACKING and let us know your contact information (cell or phone and email), what kind of music you love and what other equipment you use. Drew and our “Hack Your Headphones” team will confirm receipt via email and make suggestions for how your music can sound better without buying all new headphones. 

    Thanks again to Moon Audio Ambassador Marty Smith for sharing our Hack Your Headphones idea on his blog. You can become a Moon Audio Ambassador too

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