Chord Poly Connections Videos

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Chord Poly Connections to Chord Mojo

The Chord Poly is the perfect companion for the Chord Mojo. Featuring powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this wireless streaming module turns the Chord Mojo DAC/headphone amp into a go-anywhere mobile wireless device.

Chord Electronics created six videos entitled “Poly Lessons” to help you make the most of your streaming experience with frequently asked questions (FAQ) and more.


Lesson 1: How to Add a Network to Chord Poly
The Chord Poly can remember multiple wireless networks. Access your network and stream music from your devices effortlessly using Poly’s wifi capabilities.


Lesson 2: How to Connect to Roon
Control music via your computer, tablet or smartphone using the Roon app. Roon is a desktop app that allows pooling of music from networked devices like PCs, NAS and smart devices – plus Tidal streaming.


Lesson 3: DLNA Playback
Access home entertainment heaven with DLNA playback, available through the Chord Poly. Stream music and videos to multiple devices with help from Poly and any DLNA app like 8player.


Lesson 4: Micro SD Card Playback
Input any capacity Micro SD card into Chord Poly and access your files via any MPD player apps available on both Android and iOS.


Lesson 5: Airplay Playback
Wireless stream music over Wi-Fi from your Apple device to Chord Poly via Airplay. Playback audio using music player or streaming apps like Spotify and Tidal.


Lesson 6: Bluetooth Playback
Connect your smart device to Chord Poly via Bluetooth to play music stored on your smartphone or stream music through your favorite musics apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and more.

Arrives April 2017 – Order Yours Here

Chord Poly Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Module
Chord Mojo Poly Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Module Features


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  1. Hi, i’m having trouble finding your basic connection from a 2013 macbook pro retina 15 to my chord mojo, how do i best come out of the computer. then , today i was playing my iphone into the Mojo to my car aux in, which is great, and then it just muted. how do i get the mute off?
    Kurt Nelson

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