Chord Mojo Connections to Apple iPhone, iPad or MacBook

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The Chord Mojo does not have an Apple authenticity chip.
No Apple chip means you can’t connect your Mojo directly to an Apple iPhone, iPad, or the latest Macbooks.

The Apple authenticity chip essentially tells the DAC or digital device to output digital audio.  It’s Apple’s way of protecting their market share & audio connections to their products.




To connect, you need an Apple CCK + a Silver Dragon or Black Dragon USB Cable.



Have another question on how to connect the Mojo to your amp or dac?  

Leave your question below & we’ll answer it LIVE on the blog.

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  1. Hey Drew,

    I’m super-excited to have received my Chord Mojo, and can’t wait to experience my music collection in a totally new way. I read in a previous post of yours (October 2015) that Chord was planning to have special “plates” to simplify connectivity, in particular to an iPhone 6. I’ve solved the issue with a toslink cable for my Mac, but would rather not go through the cumbersome Apple CCK to micro-USB route. When is Chord planning to release the connectivity plates?

    1. We dont have a date yet from Chord on these. We will post a newsletter once they are available. Sign up for our newsletter on the Mojo page.

  2. Hello Drew. It was a good article for me since I bought it to connect with my iphone 6.
    Um. I am wondering whether my solution will work.

    With the normal lightning or the adl gt8-a, and then connect with the otg gender(Usb a/female to micro 5pin).

    Will this work?

  3. We’re almost to mid-March since this was posted on 1/16. When Chord releases this, then and only then will I make Mojo purchase. An Ether/Ether C/ Chord Mojo bundle would be swell, but unlikely we’ll see it anytime soon, so sticking with NAD Viso HP 50 + Mojo when I buy (v:

  4. Hello, i have a question…
    I’ll use the ( shure se846 + chord mojo + ipod 6 )…
    Until now i was think that, only the ( Lightning Camera Usb ) will works ( ok, so far )…
    so i get the ( micro lightning usb ) this -> ( ), do you think this will work instead the Lightning Camera Usb )? I dont see someone test it…

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