CES 2012 Final Impressions by Drew Baird of Moon Audio – Lookout for King Sound Electrostatic Headphones and Amps here soon!!

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Exciting times here had at CES 2013 from Moon Audio and Drew Baird, President.

There are lots of new upcoming “hi-fi” Gear, headphones, and toys to be excited about.

The first one I would like to tell you about is the upcoming Electrostatic Headphone and adjoining Electrostatic Amplifier from King Sound.  Moon Audio is now a Dealer for King Sound and we are thrilled to announce that today.  🙂

There will 2 different versions of the electrostatic amp from King Sound. The first version of the electrostatic amp is a Solid State circuit design and the second version is a electrostatic Tube based amplifier. Here is the real exciting news, the price!  The Headphones and SS amp are expected to be in the $800 -$1000 range!!  Don’t hold me to those exact numbers, but it should be close and they are finalizing the prototypes they brought to CES now.  🙂

The electrostatic Headphones and Tube amp option by KingSound is going to be around $1500-$2000 range.  The reason I am excited about this is because at this price point it easily competes with Stax gear that is twice it’s price.  I was amazed at the performance/price ratio of these new products by KingSound.

The first room I visited at T.H.E. Show in Vegas during CES was Reference 3A.  Tash, a friend and the CEO of Reference 3a Speakers, said,” Drew, you have to go down the hall and listen to the new King Sound Headphones!!”.  I replied, “Don’t you mean speakers?” I have been a long time fan of King Sound’s speakers and with the addition of these headphones to their arsenal, I have finally made the plunge to pick up the line.  King Sound has long been known for incredible value in Electrostatic Speakers.  King Sound does all of their own OEM product development and manufacturing in house.  This allows King Sound to compete at a great price point.   I also add that they crush the competition based on price vs. performance ratio.  So to say that I am excited about this new headphone is an understatement.  🙂

Moon Audio does not have an exact release date yet, but I hope it is soon.  I have a prototype of the headphones and the SS amp in my possession.  I would have had the Tube amp too, but unfortunately, it could not fit it in my suitcase for the trip back from CES. 🙁   The only change I am aware of  is a revised improved headband.  The one on the prototype is cheap and was created only to have a working piece for the show.

So you now ask, how does it sound? Extremely detailed, fast, transparent and detailed like all electrostatic phones.  But, here is the kicker, they actually have one of the best bottom ends I have heard from an electrostatic headphone.  I have no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the hottest products for 2013 and we’ll be selling them right here at Moon Audio or Moon-Audio.com.  You’ll be the first to hear when the King Sound lineup arrives…as for now…leave some feedback, ask a question and we might just have a coupon for something in our lineup today for the best one this week worth $25.  🙂

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    1. We will be thrilled to do this….once we can get the “final product” here in house. 🙂 As always…we like to have the final product in hand before we do any “preorders”. 🙂

    1. At the moment we only have the SS in our hands. Did not have enough time at CES to do a hard sit down to compare. My preference is always tube with Electrostatic. But until I have the final versions who knows. Incredible value on these products though. Stay tuned:)

  1. Can you give more details on the sound of the phones (with the SS amp). And compare the sound to the Hifiman HE500?

    1. Electrostatic Headphones are by nature very detailed, clean, fast with lots of air. The drivers are super light and thus produce great accuracy. In some cases, this is a downfall where the lower frequency range exists. Most electrostatic headphones do not produce good bottom end except for the top end model. The Stax 007 or 009 headphones are good examples of this. But in the case of the Kingsound Headphone 1, the bottom end is very balanced with the rest of the sound spectrum. At the price of $800 for both the M10 Solid State Amp and the Headphone 1, it is a giant killer. These easily compete with the models below the Stax 009. The reason KingSound can produce electrostatic headphones for this price point is because they outsource nothing. All materials for all of their products are made in house. These headphones will most likely be one of the most sold products of the year for us at Moon Audio…aside from our handmade custom audio cables that is. 🙂 When comparing the KingSound headphone 1 to Planar Magnetic headphones from such companies like Audeze and Hifiman, the tonality is warmer when compared to the Kingsound. The Audeze headphones are even warmer than the Hifiman phones. If you don’t want to be married to an electrostatic amp, then the Hifiman or Audeze make more sense. The HE500 is a fantastic headphone for the money it just has a different tonality than the Kingsound.

      1. Thanks.

        Can you be more specific comparing the King Sound (with SS amp) to the HE500?

        1. Bass extension and clarity.

        2. Overall clarity/resolution.

        3. Dynamics.



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