Focal Certified Pre-Owned Headphones

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Focal Certified Pre-Owned Headphones

Moon Audio has partnered with Focal as the first and only headphone dealer to offer pre-owned headphones certified by Drew Baird and the team. We have a limited supply of Focal Utopia, Focal Elear and Focal Listen headphones. All are performance guaranteed for sound quality and come with a full two year warranty from Focal.

Moon Audio Headphones Certification Process 

Focal Certified Pre-Owned Headphones are first come, first serve and will be offered only while supplies last. Headphones range from mint to good condition with some minor wear and tear and will be detailed as such on the product page. All headphones are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and leather conditioned. Click Here to learn more about our certification process. 

Focal Sound Revolution

Focal broke the mold when they artfully crafted headphones to sound like their already award winning speakers. Focal headphones boast low sound distortion with broad yet intimate sound stage making them a must have for any audiophile and music lover alike. Read more about Focal Headphones from customer reviews. 

Dragon Cables for Focal Headphones

We loved the innovative headphones from Focal so much so we created premium headphone cables for both the Focal Utopia and Focal Elear. Drew recommends the Silver Dragon Cable for the Focal Elear and the Black Dragon Cable for the Focal Utopia. Exclusive

We anticipate these Focal Certified Pre-Owned Headphones won’t be around long. As the exclusive pre-owned dealer in the USA, you can’t get these prices for Focal headphones certified performance quality with a full warranty from Focal anywhere else. 




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