2017 HiFi Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome to our annual Holiday Gift Guide (for Audiophiles). Drew kicked off this whole idea back in 2012 knowing that finding the best equipment can be tough for even the most educated listener. He realized a list was needed for his friends and family to shop with.

Many people here at Moon-Audio, and our customers as well, have the same challenge. So we are here to help this December, putting out yet another useful list of ideas for that special music lover in your life.

We’ve split this year’s guide into six helpful categories: Bestsellers, Our Favorites, Dragon Cables, Headphones, IEMs, and Under $499 for those on a budget. All of our choices are based on the same criteria: “When choosing gift ideas, be serious, be interesting, be creative, be practical, but always be genuine. Only add items we would enjoy receiving and know would not be exchanged.”

So here are some of the items we’ve selected. Be sure to visit the full guide for even more ideas.


Focal Clear Headphones

If you have kids (or remember being one) you know that every Christmas has that coveted gift that is extremely hard to find.  You search the store shelves and hope it’s still in stock so you can see that look of pure joy on Christmas morning.  That experience is true for adults as well.

We predict that this year’s top gift will be the Focal Clear Headphones.  Having just hit the market these headphones follow last year’s Utopia and Elear as truly coveted.

Focal Clear Headphones


Chord Headphone DAC/AMP

Most audio lovers already own a pair of high-quality headphones and you may not be sure if they need or even want a new set.  In this case you can’t go wrong with the Chord Hugo 2 DAC/AMP or it’s smaller counterpart the Chord Mojo.  This will allow them to drive those favorite headphones both on the go or while just sitting at home.

A quality DAC will help music come alive and bring even better sound to any set of headphones.

Chord Hugo2


Dragon Cable Upgrade

Improve the sound of your audio gear with an upgraded Dragon Cable.  Our award-winning cables use premium materials to ensure the highest possible quality.


Cases, Cases, Cases

While most of us have invested in that perfect set of headphones, we often skimp on the case.  There is no better feeling that a premium case to store our high-end products and it’s something we seldom buy for ourselves.

This makes a case the perfect gift, it will be well appreciated, they probably need one, and it stays within budget.



Need more ideas?

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